Managing production ramp up in manufacturing networks

Since a typical new product ramp-up is a planned activity starting from transferring the new product from development and ending with volume production in manufacturing, it is argued that in conjunction with designing a collaborative supply network, the use of a systematic ramp-up process as an operational guide can assist practicing managers in attaining rapid ramp-up capability. Enabler for quick manufacturing capacity ramp -up pertti kurttila 1, mark shaw and petri helo2 quick response manufacturing, wind power, production network, flexibility 1 background drastic changes in production volumes include managing uncertainty in both ramp-up and ramp-down phases (2) product mix – changes of product types. Planning approaches from the literature on network planning and ramp-up planning and approaches in industry show that decisions about product-to-plant allocation and ramp-up timing are made sequentially ramp-up timing determines the point in time when production ramp-up starts.

Manufacturing ramp-up the final phase of new product and process development, whereby the new product moves from pilot production to full-scale manufacturing quick links. But also to ramp-up production with minimal time-to-market, predictable cost, and required time, and quality targets defining manufacturing process management (mpm) while the focus of many engineering-centric processes is on “what” product to produce, manufacturing process management defines process of defining and managing the.

The approach presented in this paper serves as a key for the formation of the ramp-up fit to proactively support the ramp-up management by developing market/ design as well as production triggered ramp-up scenarios. Ramp-up curves regarding both the timing of the ramp-up and the shape of the ramp-up curve, there is a set of curves available that differs in the start of production, the length of the ramp-up period and the shape of the available production capacity. Ramp-up management and production ramp-up strategies were to find chapter two, three and four constitutes the theoretical framework in this paper theories and earlier research findings regarding production ramp-up management, production ramp-up strategies and manufacturing strategy are dealt with in these chapters. In the current manufacturing context, characterized by short product life-cycles, large product variety, product customization and short innovation cycles, achieving target production quality performance is challenging, especially due to the frequent ramp-up phases the system undergoes along its life-cycle.

The number of downloads is the sum of all downloads of full texts it may include eg previous versions that are now no longer available. Production and manufacturing companies today, in a bid to achieve time to market and time to volume, makes use of production ramp-up to achieve ef-fective and rapid returns in investing in newly manufactured products it is nec-essary to maintain appropriate cost and volume as well as considerable manu-facturing quality.

Managing production ramp up in manufacturing networks

Setup, pilot production, manufacturing process refinement activities, initial product qualification, volume ramp up and volume production a typical ramp up process is shown in figure 1 data was collected from ten ramp up cases utilizing direct observation and/or document reviews in the optical storage industry.

  • Integrated as part of a ramp-up in a production system the start-up management is thus a key to future success in the market-operated businesses [1], [2], [3] the term ramp-up in this context is understood to be the transition from product development to a mass production process [4.
  • Managing production ramp-up in manufacturing networks abstract production and manufacturing companies today in a bid to achieve time to market and time to volume makes use of production ramp-up effective and rapid returns in investing in newly manufactured product to maintain cost and volume as well as considerable manufacturing quality.

Product to produce, manufacturing process management defines “how” a product is to be produced by definition, mpm receives the digital product definition from engineering, considers the capabilities and capacities of internal plants and external suppliers, and delivers the set of manufacturing plans required to produce the product. Production volume ramp up capability can be a major a supplier perspective on rapid new product volume ramp-up manufacturing strategy hui hong jk li, yongjiang shi and michael j gregory problems to their manufacturing supply networks [5] b the cost of switching a supplier.

managing production ramp up in manufacturing networks Request pdf on researchgate | rapid production ramp-up capability: a collaborative supply network perspective | this paper explores how technology intensive manufacturing firms operate to achieve rapid new product volume ramp-up capabilities within an international collaborative supply network.
Managing production ramp up in manufacturing networks
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